Hi, I’m Ali. I’m a recent graduate from The University of Warwick, currently living in Coventry.

I’ve been playing games for almost as long as I can remember, and in recent years I’ve decided I want to turn that passion into something I can do for a living. Over the last three years I’ve been working in Games media on a casual basis, culminating in a year as Games Editor for the University of Warwick student newspaper, The Boar.

Having graduated, I’m looking for writing and editing opportunities in the industry, both online and in print. I’ve set up this website to help showcase my writing work, and also share some of my other projects.

In my spare time, I’m usually playing games, but you can also find me reasonably often at the nearest Frank Turner gig, playing Squash or 5-a-side football, or generally just hanging out with my friends around Coventry and Leamington Spa.

If any of that catches your eye, feel free to get in touch – details can be found on the ‘Contact Me‘ page. I’ve got a nice flexible schedule, so I’m almost always free to chat. Hope to hear from you soon!